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Our mission is to help 1,000,000 Female Founders generate a minimum of $1,000,000 in annual revenue by December 31, 2025. Currently less than 5% of Female Founded Companies generate 7 figures or higher in annual revenue. That has to change and we are using this platform to provide programs and services to help our members achieve that. 

Passionate about social change and empowering women? Want to make a difference in this world, have fun at the same time, and make some extra money? HERstory Ambassadors generously give their time, talents, and access to their network to help us fulfill our mission. 

Why You Should Become a HERstory Ambassadors
As a supporter of HERstory Connections you have already taken the first step. By joining our team to assist with this grassroots movement of building awareness and support. There are multiple ways to do and include but not limited to field support, blogging, writing content, promotions, and so much more. We need your special skills to help HERstory Connections continue its mission globally.

Referral Fees Paid on Gold Tier Memberships Only: 

For your first 5 referrals you are paid 20% of the initial membership fee amount paid

After 5 referrals, it goes to 25% of the initial membership fee amount paid

After 10 referrals, it goes to 30%  of the initial membership fee amount paid

After 20 referrals, it goes to 35%  of the initial membership fee amount paid

After 30 referrals, it goes to 40%  of the initial membership fee amount paid

For an ambassador with at least 10 referrals there special offers, bonuses, first looks, and other experiences provided exclusively for our ambassadors (who are also members of HERstory Connections). These referral fees are paid on the initial membership fees paid only, not on renewals. You are paid on a monthly basis via direct deposit which we send a signup link once you get your first referral.

How do we confirm the referral? Two ways:

1) In the Member Application and the Member Profile, there is a "Referred By:" Line that is a requirement to answer either with the Ambassador's First and Last Name or by putting NA if they were not referred.

2) Forwarding their receipt to you and you can forward to the HERstory Team with "Ambassador Referral" in the subject line and that can serve as a manual back up. 

To Register as an Ambassador, you must already be a member of HERstory Connections (Click Here to Join if You Haven't Already)

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