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We are proving The Future is Female and The Future is NOW! Taking Local Women Owned Businesses Global! We exclusively feature female founded companies, creatives, literary of all sizes in multiple industries and backgrounds. We saw a need to make it easy for women owned businesses to generate new business, governments and corporations to meet their quotas, and for people to easily find women owned businesses to shop with at the click of a button. 

Our mission is to help 1,000,000 women entrepreneurs generate a minimum of $1,000,000 in annual revenue by December 31, 2025. HERstory Connections gives you access to a registered user market of over 50,000,000 global consumers who want to exclusively find, support, and do business with Women in Business, Women in Creatives, and Women in Literary.

We receive many offers for partnerships. Although we would like to support and promote every opportunity that comes to us, we are not able to do so. Therefore, we have established the following criteria that will help ensure that those programs that we do support are in line with our mission and how we operate.

Criteria of a cause marketing program with HERstory Connections

HERstory Connections staff will use selection criteria, based upon the nature and character of each inquiry, to evaluate potential partnership opportunities.  Those used to evaluate a prospective partnership or endorsement may include, but are not limited to the following: Project alignment with HERstory Connections’s mission and goals;

* Overall benefits for both HERstory Connections and the inquiring organization;
* Timeliness or readiness of the inquiring organization to enter a partnership agreement;
* A guaranteed financial commitment is based on the company, program, timing, and partnership deliverables needed (Supporter access, employee engagement, sponsor/cause marketing benefits). 

Process for partnerships with HERstory Connections

Upon inquiry, a member of HERstory Connections staff will contact you within two business days to continue the partnership conversation. If the partnership is mutually agreed upon, an agreement tailored specifically to the partnership will be drafted jointly. Subject to a fully executed partnership agreement, the relationship will commence.

In order to evaluate your program or promotion as a good fit for HERstory Connections, please send us an email, with Partnership in the subject line to herstory@justfearless.com

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