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How to become an Alpha Woman in business: when apart from being a collector you want to be an entrepreneur

Monday, April 12, 2021 11:00 AM | Anonymous

This article is for the woman who is thinking about exploring entrepreneurship, who lacks a push to start or who does not feel sufficiently equipped to launch a business alone.

Sharp spear, survival instinct and a keen eye to identify prey, that was all it took to keep from going extinct thousands of years ago, sounds like a good alpha male, right? Well not necessarily. I am talking about our predecessor woman hunter who lived 9 thousand years ago in Latin America and from whom we could learn a little more, whether you are thinking about launching your business or looking for an inspiration to make the market your own hunting ground.

According to the OECD , women seem less likely to take the risk of starting their own business than men, despite the fact that in Latin America, women's businesses are approximately 82% more likely than men's to remain in business 3 , 5 years after its creation [HBR] , happily the statistics are improving for Mexico and Chile.

From my time in Start-Up Chile I met admirable entrepreneurs who had no problem leaving the cave to conquer new markets while still collecting from time to time, I share the roadmap with the five steps that helped me wake up the hunter In Myself.

1. Appreciate and polish your secret weapon

Instinct, so you know almost immediately if that partner or client is the right one for you. It is what connects you with your wisdom, and hopefully the genes of our predecessor, and incidentally with the segment with the greatest purchasing power and influence in the world: us.

2. Identify your Imposter Syndrome

What I had to overcome to write this article and I had no choice but to apply what was found in other cases, to hack myself, either looking for a partner that gives me accountability or giving me an appetizing award if I finished it. Did someone say chocolates?

3. Be Sasha Fierce when your Beyoncé doesn't want to go on stage

Sasha Fierce? I'm talking about Beyoncé's alter ego that she created herself to publicly experiment with new forms of art, she knew it didn't have to be her but she simply took it out when necessary, I recommend this especially if you consider yourself shy or introverted. Did you know that Beyoncé confessed to being shy and secretive? And she's probably one of the biggest female entrepreneurs in the music industry.

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