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Alleviating The Top 3 Fundamental Fears Of Female Entrepreneurs In Starting Their Own Microbusinesses

Monday, May 03, 2021 10:00 AM | Anonymous

While this article is focused on South Africa, the points made can apply to every female entrepreneur worldwide.

Microbusinesses will play a key role in helping South Africa rebuild the economy and employ millions of South Africans in the aftermath of the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and national lockdown implemented to help curb its local spread.    

Microbusiness have a vital role to play in rebuilding South Africa’s economy in a post-COVID-19-pandemic world, with a major goal of the South African Government being to strengthen small and medium sized companies. Doing so, is quite difficult within a challenging business environment, where even pre-COVID-19 South Africa already had amongst the highest start-up failure rates globally. Moreover, the GEM 2019/2020 report also found that for the local population (aged 18–64), fear of failure is a major obstacle preventing them from starting up a business in the country.

Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of AMAZI, Divya Vasant, provides her Top 3 ways through which the company’s Incubation Programme will alleviate the major concerns and fears female entrepreneurs have that prevent them from starting their own businesses.

#1 Fear due to a lack of support and infrastructure

Like most other local industries, the COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed the wellness industry, and has resulted in many skilled women who worked as beauty technicians and stylists in salons being unemployed at home. These women, however, sport the knowledge and skills to potentially run their own ventures.

A lot of them want to be entrepreneurial, but are scared of doing so. AMAZI’s Incubator Programme will assist these women to get back on their feet. The incubation program will target women who have previously acquired technical beauty training and skills, and have worked in the industry, but as a result of COVID have lost their jobs and now want to learn to run their own businesses. The programme is an opportunity to provide a supported and cushioned way for a woman to ease herself into being a micro-entrepreneur in order to capitalise on one of the biggest income opportunities for women in South Africa.

The Programme takes the fear experienced by these female entrepreneurs away because they are supported from application to onboarding into the initiative. They submit their application to the Programme and the top candidates undergo a five-day business bootcamp where they receive amongst others, help with creating a business plan for the sustainability of their income for their businesses. Following the successful completion of this bootcamp, AMAZI selects candidates to continue into the Incubator Programme, during which those female entrepreneurs run their new venture out of one of AMAZI’s stores across the country over a 12-month period.

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