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Women Rush To Entrepreneurship In ‘The Great Resignation’

Monday, September 13, 2021 5:00 AM | Anonymous

The Great Resignation is launching a new crop of women entrepreneurs who are reveling in their new-found freedom.

It’s in all the headlines, “The Great Resignation” – why millions of people are quitting their jobs and declining to go back to “business as usual” pre-pandemic. While this affects both men and women, statistics show that women are leaving at a higher rate than men.

As of May, 1.8 million of the five million women who lost their jobs in 2020 have yet to return.

In a recent Mckinsey Report, one out of four women were considering leaving corporate due to burnout. Those women spanned all levels in the organization, but burnout and exhaustion increased with seniority.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Women carry an unequal share of the burden of caring for children and homes. The pandemic stretched them too thin and something had to give.
  • Working from home sheds new light on the fact that one can be equally, if not more, productive working from home than commuting to an office.
  • While on lockdown, we lived integrated lives – enjoying more balance and flexibility with how we spend our time. We balanced home schooling, caring for elderly parents, and housework – all while remaining productive at work.

The question is, will women ever return to the office?

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