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Help The Paradigm Switch Transform the Future of Work on #GivingTuesday

Saturday, November 30, 2019 11:00 AM | Anonymous

#GivingTuesday will soon be upon us (psst…it’s on December 3), and we know that there are thousands of worthy organizations all asking you to consider their mission this year. At The Paradigm Switch, we rely on the generosity of donors to enable us to help military spouses stop starting over. But rather than ask you for money, we wanted to take a moment to highlight the impact your support has already had. To date, The Paradigm Switch has awarded over 125 scholarships to skills-based programs like GreenFig and Digital Marketer — and we’re only just getting started. Your support helps military spouses worldwide launch digital careers that they can take with them anywhere they go. Here are their experiences, in their own words.

“Together, The Paradigm Switch and GreenFig are doing something much more powerful than just scholarships. They’re empowering military spouses to believe that they CAN have meaningful remote digital careers, and then giving them practice in the tools and skills they’ll need to make it happen.”

This quote is from Jasmine Frazier, a Spring 2019 GreenFig scholarship recipient and current GreenFig team member! Jasmine was able to leverage her scholarship into a remote role that is allowing her to gain valuable experience as she continues to build her digital career. Read more about her story here.

“This scholarship provides me with a way to advance my skill set in an in-demand field. We’re learning from industry experts who want to cultivate the next generation of marketing leaders. It’s invaluable to our careers to have these connections to learn from and be our mentors along the way. I’ll be able to earn more, work less, and have skills that I can use for my clients and business or take back to the corporate world working remotely. It also means I will have a skill set to get a high paying job when my husband transitions out of the Army within the next 3–10 years. This means I can provide for my family while my husband continues his education or finds a new job.”

Sarah Hassel completed the GreenFig program in Summer 2018 when her virtual assistant business was just getting off the ground. Thanks to the opportunities and knowledge provided to her through GreenFig and The Paradigm Switch, not only is her business booming but she also landed a great role as a Content Strategist with milMedia!

“TPS was the pivotal movement during my job search and journey. With The Paradigm Switch’s exposure to the GreenFig Digital Marketing course and having been awarded the scholarship, I was able to take my resume to the next level and be more marketable in an extremely competitive market. I am able to use the skills and certificates earned to perform at the highest level in the job I just landed with an international company! I could not be more grateful for TPS and GreenFig.”

Ceci Ganem came to TPS with an MBA and over a decade of marketing experience but was still struggling to find her perfect next career move. The Paradigm Switch helped her switch her mindset and empowered her to think differently about herself and her career journey. She leveraged her GreenFig experience into a fantastic global marketing role with HP, where she continues to excel today!

“I am days away from completing my Digital Marketing class with GreenFig, and if you’re a marketer, interested in marketing, thought about it, typed it in a Google search, whatever your story, take the plunge and apply for the scholarship. The value, even if I had paid for it out of pocket, is not even up for debate, as it would pay for itself with the certifications you walk away with alone. I didn’t even want to be a marketer, but I was sick and tired of complaining about working at job after job, literally hating life. I decided I had to be proactive and upskill to see if I could get closer to my career goals, and I had absolutely ZERO knowledge about marketing when I started. I’d take the course again just to catch everything I may not have understood as well as I would’ve liked this time!”

As a graphic design entrepreneur, Jordan Burke recognized the impact that a TPS scholarship to the GreenFig Digital Marketing Science course could have on her career. As you can see from her quote, her experience exceeded even her high expectations. Empowered by her GreenFig opportunity, Jordan is currently enrolled in a UX Engineering course with Kenzie Academy.

The impact of your support is REAL. The scholarships made possible by your donations are helping to switch the military spouse employment narrative and bringing hope to a group of people who have been on the receiving end of generations of bad news when it comes to their careers. This #GivingTuesday, we ask you to be part of the solution. We ask you to make an impact. We ask you to give just a little so military spouses can achieve so much more. If you’re inspired by these stories, we promise you’ll be blown away by what our spouses do next.

Donate here today.


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