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Permission Granted....

Monday, November 09, 2020 4:00 AM | Anonymous

Pre-Order "Girl, F*ck This, Permission Granted

By Justine Evirs

Quick Video Introduction by Justine Evirs

About "Girl, F*ck This":

This book is a permission slip for womxn around the world to follow their intuition, step out of line, and make their own rules. The author shares a powerful tell-all that will leave you thinking, “I thought it was just me.”


Mental health is quickly becoming less of a taboo topic and more of real concern, due to world cultural riots, manifestations, isolation, unemployment, suffering economies …. the system's are crumbling around the pandemic. From which, womxn are the most affected ones. The reality is that as womxn continue to climb social ranks, they continue to deal with multiple traumas surrounding sexual abuse, physical abuse, post-partum trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and even addiction. The real problem womxn are facing is the repression and invisible shackles we keep on ourselves due to the stigma of weakness our cultural and social heritage promotes. We are avoiding the inner and outer roadblocks within ourselves, which lead to a recession in all manners.

During the author's time in service in the United States Navy, a decade of serving the transitioning military community, and as the President & Founder at The Paradigm Switch, the author saw herself and other womxn struggling in key areas day in and day out. She found that her experiences were very common and that she wasn’t alone in her "secret" feelings. The more she encouraged vulnerable and honest conversations with womxn she worked with, the more she discovered how they were struggling with the same things as her.

“Girl, F*ck This” will provide a tangible path toward the author's vision of authentic and courageous leadership. This book will help womxn to create their own rules, provide permission for them to stop living their life for others, face their own roadblocks, and accept permission to stop participating in destructive behavior. Each chapter the author will highlight a collection of personal experiences as an opportunity for the reader to relate to. At the end of each chapter, the author will provide an invitation for the reader to participate in journal prompts and healing personal reflective work. If you purchase, read, and participate in the activities in this book you may find the courage to slow down, trust yourself, forgive yourself, and or begin to build a life that serves you as much as you serve everyone else.

The author is a Navy veteran, military spouse, and social entrepreneur who is no stranger to overcoming obstacles and finding the courage to create a better way forward for those after her. Currently, she is serving as the Founder & CEO of Courage to Create which teaches womxn, entrepreneurs, artists, and executive-level leaders how to trust their instincts and embody their creativity. In her spare time she serves as the President & Founder of The Paradigm Switch; a global non-profit that teaches military spouses how to design a life they can take anywhere in the world. There she leads and manages a volunteer team of 15 people in 8 different time zones and a global network of 2,000 military spouses (92% women) from around the globe.

Justine is redefining the word innovation and believes that everyone has the ability to innovate in their own unique way. Justine believes that we must not only learn how to anticipate change but we also must learn how to create it.

About the Author:

Justine Evirs is a Navy veteran, Stanford GSB Alumni, powerhouse innovator & visionary who is on a mission to inspire people how to use the power of innovation to defy the odds. She is the Founder & CEO of the Courage to Create & the Protecting Courage Podcast which is a global movement of individuals who are willing to overcome challenges and find the courage to create and lead change in service to the future of human beings around the world.

In her spare time Justine serves as the President & Founder of The Paradigm Switch; a global non-profit that teaches military spouses how to build a life they can take anywhere in the world.

Justine is apart of an elite group of the next generation of social entrepreneurs as a 2019-2021 Summit Fellow. As a Summit Fellow, Justine has access to the top world social business leaders, artists, chefs, scientists, actors, private events, mentors, and other social entrepreneurs around the world.

Some describe Justine as, “a powerful woman who has a whole lot of humility and just the right amount of sass.” Her deep sense of purpose to use the challenges she is overcoming in service to others is what sets her apart from other entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Justine is currently residing in Kyiv, Ukraine with her active-duty military husband of 16 years and their 3 children.

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