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Meet The Women Leading The Fight For More Women In AI

Monday, December 28, 2020 9:00 AM | Anonymous

In order to create meaningful change in the lives of women, it is important that we take the “women supporting women” concept one step further, and become strategic in our support. The exciting potential of women in AI is that their presence has such a wide reach. Not only is AI one of the most pervasive technologies industry-wise, the data it produces can have significant social impacts on our society. 

In this article, you’ll hear from some of the most influential women investors and entrepreneurs in AI discussing their strategic support of fellow women and their passion for building a future with a plethora of successful, diverse AI companies. 

Shruti Gandhi has worked in data for over a decade. She is an engineer and founder of Array Ventures with 6 exits to companies such as Apple, Paypal, and Samsung with 10x returns. She is also an adjunct professor in the CS department at Columbia University. 

Array Ventures leads first round investments in data, AI, and ML companies that solve problems for the enterprise in every vertical from health, fintech, to general AI and developer tools. The fund helps technical founders focus on their go-to-market strategy which Gandhi believes is the key to unlock success for the next stages. Despite the challenges of the stage over 75% of Array Ventures portfolio companies have raised great follow-on rounds from top funds. 

Gandhi says it is important for investors to support women founders in AI, because AI learns from people that train it. “I often complain that Alexa doesn't understand my accent,” says Gandhi, “and people often retort back with, “well, it's trained by a lot of Indian engineers,” but then I ask, ‘Are those engineers women?’ and then there isn’t a good answer.”

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